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The pilot area GR-1 Antichasia – Meteora is located in the North of Greece and it covers a total surface of 130,146 ha. It includes two Special Protection Areas: Potamos Pineios – Antichasia Ori and Koryfes Orous Koziakas, both identified as Important Bird Areas and overlapped with Controlled Hunting Areas.

Landscape is dominated by the Antichasia mountain range, forested hills and river valleys in the Potamos Pineios – Antichasia Ori SPA and by rocky ridges, peaks, fir forests and open structure ravine forests in the Koryfes Orous Koziakas SPA, where also exposed bedrocks and inland cliffs occur.

Main land uses in the area are extensive stock farming and extensive arable farming of cereals, together with other activities as hunting. Stockbreeding is a very important economic sector in the area with 1.267 stockbreeders’ small exploitations registered inside the pilot area. Hunting is a very popular activity counting with 13 areas.

Pilot area GR-1 includes 13 municipalities (Kalabaka, Chasion, Tymfaion, Kastanias, Malakasiou, Paralithaion, Vasilikis, Kleinovou, Falaoria, Koziakas, Pialion, Pyleon and Ethikon).

Why is this area important?

The Antichasia-Meteora Region is of a great botanical and zoological value due to the presence of a large number of endemic and threatened species. It hosts large populations of birds of prey and the largest population of Egyptian Vulture in Greece. Other important species are Levant Sparrowhawk, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Short-toed Snake Eagle, Black Stork, European Honey Buzzard, Black and Red Kite, Cinereous Vulture, Eurasian Marsh-harrier, Golden Eagle, Booted Eagle, Bonelli’s Eagle, Lesser Kestrel or Lanner Falcon. High populations of interesting mammals, such as Brown Bear and Wolf, can be also found in the region.

Poisoned baits represent the main threat for conservation of the above-mentioned species, especially for Cinereous Vulture, one of whose colonies has disappeared due to the illegal use of poison. Poison baits aim mainly at wolves and foxes, affecting Egyptian Vulture, Golden Eagle and Red Kites as well.

Information about the incidence of poison in this area is available here: Andalusian Strategy Against Poison.

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