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The pilot area GR-2 Eastern Crete Mountains includes three different mountain ranges: Oros Idi, located in central Crete; Oros Dikti, situated in the central-east part of the island and Asterousia Ori. The area covers a total of 111.236 Ha and corresponds to the Special Protection Areas (SPA) of Krousonas-Vromonero Idis and Lazaros Koryfi- Madaras Diktis. Three Sites of Community Importance (SCI) are also included: Idi Oros, Asterousia and Dikti.

Landscape in Oros Dikti is dominated by rugged mountains and gorges, sourrounding the biggest plateau of Crete which is mainly covered by crops, vineyards and riparian vegetation. Oros Idi is one of the three major mountain ranges in Crete, where garrigue and maqui shrubs predominate.
Land uses in the area are mainly related to agriculture, stockbreeding, hunting and forestry management, with a total number of 920 stockbreeders’ exploitations and 16 hunting areas (there are no hunting preserves but municipal hunting organizations). The area is under a strong hunting pressure as hunting is allowed all over Crete Island without geographical restriction.  The land property is mostly private (around 80% of the whole territory).

The main municipalities in the Pilot area GR-2 are: Gortyna and  Archanon-Asterousion in Asterusia,  Ag. Nikoloaos, Viannos and Oropedio Lasithiou in the Dikti region and Anogeia, Mylopotamos and Amari in the Idi area.

Why is this area important?

The site is characterised by landscape diversity, high biodiversity, the presence of Cretan, Greek and even site-endemic species of flora and fauna and threatened species.

Eastern Crete Mountains includes EU’s Important Bird Areas hosting species of large raptors highly endangered by the use of poison such as Golden Eagles Griffon Vultures or Bonelli’s Eagle. Also Bearded Vulture keeps a total of 6 territories in the region.

Information about the incidence of poison in this area is available here: Andalusian Strategy Against Poison.

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Mount Idi Important Bird Area (IBA) in BirdLife

Municipalities in Asterousia:

Municipalities in Dikti:
Oropedio Lasithiou

Municipalities in Idi:

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