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The pilot area PT-2 Moura-Mourão-Barrancos is located in the South-east of the Alentejo Region (Portugal). It covers a total surface of 88.925 ha. and it includes the Special Protection Area (SPA) Mourão/Moura/Barrancos and the Site of Community Interest (SCI) Mourão/Barrancos.

The current landscape is the result of ancient man actions, which have lead into a mosaic of steppe-like areas and Mediterranean woodland (montado), shrublands and pine plantations. It is remarkable the presence of some well preserved Holm oak woodlands of considerable size.

Main land uses in the area consist in dry-farmed agricultural and grazing systems, traditional crop rotation methods and fallow lands, together with olive groves and vineyards. The ownership status throughout the area is mainly private, although two ecologically interesting areas are run by the Government’s Environmental Agency.

Three municipalities constitute the pilot area of the same name: Moura, Mourão and Barrancos. Hunting and stockbreeding are important economic activities within the area, where 80 hunting areas and 2.231 stockbreeding exploitations can be found.

Why is this area important?

The area represents an essential habitat for the conservation of steppe birds (Great and Little Bustard) and large raptors, such as Iberian Imperial Eagle, Bonelli’s Eagle, and Cinereous Vulture. The likely occurrence of Iberian Lynx is also notable, as well as the presence of other rare or threatened mammals.

Illegal poisoning is considered a main threat to wildlife conservation in the region. Despite the implementation of other initiatives against poison, very few records of illegal poisoning have been taken in the pilot area. However, the demonstrated impact of poisoned baits in neighbouring regions and the number of affected domestic animals alert to the need of monitoring the problem in the area.

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Câmara Municipal de Moura
Câmara Municipal de Mourão
Câmara Municipal de Barrancos

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