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21/12/2011 :

Scavengers guided tour in Serranía de Ronda pilot area
Organised by Fundación Gypaetus and Municipality of Ronda, this activity represented a unique opportunity to watch and learn about scavengers. EN ESPAÑOL

Last Sunday, the LIFE IAP project’s field technician in Ronda guided a tour along the Buitreras (vulture colony) track, visiting as well the supplementary feeding station for vultures of Cortes, and Pulga Lake.The activity, addressed to all publics, was organised together by Fundación Gypaetus and the local Youth and Environment offices of the Municipality of Ronda in order to watch vultures and other scavengers and learn about the importance of ecosystems, as well as to promote Ecotourism in the region.

The tour is part of the activities carried out by the LIFE IAP project and the initiative “Es tu medio, es tu entorno” (“It is your environment, it is your surroundings”) with which the Municipality of Ronda intends to promote the ecological value and landscape of the area.

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