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17/01/2012 :

Fighting together with stockbreeders against illegal poisoning in Blachaba Kalabaka (Contienental Greece)
The meeting was held by ARCTUROS, in the frame of the LIFE IAP project, last Tuesday 13th December 2011, counting with the presence of the President of the Association of Cattle Farmers from Trikala, mr. Voutselas, and members of the D.S. ελληνικά

The LIFE IAP program began in the region one year ago and counts with the support of the municipality and Hunting Club Pulis and Kalabaka.

One of the main aims of the project is the constitution of the Three volunteer European Networks Against Illegal Poisoning (Network of stockbreeders, hunters and municipalities against illegal poisoning: ENSAIP, ENHAIP and ENMAIP, respectively).

In the region, ENSAIP has been constituted with about 35 stockbreeders of the areas of Antichasia, Koziakas and Puli.  These networks will participate actively addressing the threat and simultaneously operating as mediators between the citizens and the relevant authorities, effectively treating this illegal practice and protecting biodiversity.

As part of the voluntary commitment signed by ARCTUROS and stockbreeders, the first will provide:

• Free legal assistance and advice to deal and combat poisoning which, occasionally suffered by their cattle. In case of complaint ARCTUROS assume all the costs.
• Technical advice about measures to protect livestock and fight against illegal use of poisoned baits by specialized technicians.
• Technical and legal advice for legal control of stray dogs and cats, as well as for the control of predators (wolf, bear).
• Attempt for the provision of a pair of Greek collie.
• Organization of lectures on livestock farming, the problems and the prospects in the region.

Stock breeders, who officially declared their participation in the program, agreed that the illegal use of poisoned baits is a very harmful practice for the environment and conservation of biodiversity and is a public health problem because it endangers the lives of the local people.

Stockbreeders, in turn, will commit to:

• Cooperate with ARCTUROS and the relevant authorities in the fight against illegal use of poisons,
• Inform the technician of ARCTUROS on time in case of poisoning or suspicious use of poison appears in their ownership or pastures,
• ensure that every dog is identified with a microchip.

We recall that ARCTUROS continues to operate Freephone 80011010101 for complaints incidents of poisoned animals.

For more information:
Antoni Rigas 6957834669 and Zoi Karanika, 6989395484

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