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29/02/2012 :

Helping hunters to improve habitat conditions of rabbits
Conditioning rabbit burrows by covering them with twigs and branches notably improves populations and habitat conditions and helps preventing predation. This action is being carried out as part of the activities proposed to the European Network of Hunters against poison -ENHAIP-.

LIFE IAP project field technicians have been working together with the Conquista Hunting Association (Córdoba, Spain), member of the ENHAIP. This action will be carried out in other hunting areas on demand of the responsible hunting association, as part of the collaboration agreement signed to enter the ENHAIP.

The hunting area where the action took place, Dehesa Boyal, corresponds to a particular area where hunting activities are combined with sheep and pigs farming and obtaining wood and charcoal.

The use of poisoned baits, despite of being illegal, remains in some individuals who see in this practice the solution for its problems, especially competence with predators. Covered burrows naturally help rabbit populations from predators, preventing the use of poisoned baits.

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