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26/02/2012 :

Learning about birds of prey to prevent illegal use of poison
On February 26 Fundación Gypaetus participated in the activity of hiking and interpretation of the Path of the Vegueta del Fresno organized by Quivirocio. EN ESPAÑOL

Fundación Gypaetus took part in the activity with a talk on the Life project "Innovation against poison" and a workshop to identify Iberian birds of prey.  Reception and theory sessions were held at the Visitor Center  Venta Nueva within the Natural Park  of Cardeña Montoro. Different aspects of landscape and vegetation were interpreted along the path, with special attention to the habitat of our most endangered feline, the Iberian lynx. The raptor identification workshop was put into practice with the sighting of three imperial eagle, golden eagle, kestrel, griffon vulture and black vulture.

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