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10/11/2012 :

Bioindicators species - tagging of 31 griffon vultures, in Moura-Mourão-Barrancos
It took place in December the first tagging phase of bioindicators species of poison use in Moura-Mourão-Barrancos area. Within the project LIFE Innovation Against Poison 31 griffon vultures were identified with wing tags, in the Herdade da Contenda, E.M., in the Moura’s municipality.

Each one of the birds was identified with a metal ring (of the Center for the Study of Migration and Protection of Birds) and a wing tag, which contains a two-letter code or a letter and a number. This code is easily identifiable with the bird in flight and perched, anyone can report their sighting to project technicians ( or or registering it in

The set of recorded observations gives a significant amount of information on populations of these wild species that are particularly sensitive to the use of poisons, allowing conservation efforts that are directed to them to be as accurate as possible.

The use of this type of tags is a safe and harmless method for identifying these birds and the cares followed in its application ensure that no damage was caused to any of the tagged birds.

The follow-up of these populations and the information collected is an essential contribution to the assessment of the impact in the use of poisons on wildlife in this region and the involvement of everyone in the fight against the illegal use of poisons.

This action had the support of the Herdade da Contenda, E.M., Land Rover, Project LIFE Habitat Lince | Abutre, University of Murcia and a set of volunteer technicians from Portugal, Spain and Italy.

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