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26/08/2011 :

Fundación Gypaetus wins the Diario de Jaén – EXPOHUELMA 2011 Sustainable Development Awards for its actions within the frame of the LIFE+ project “Innovation Against Poison”.

The awards were presented during EXPOHUELMA 2011, the XXVIII Sierra Mágina Natural Park Trade Fair, celebrated in Huelma (Jaén, Spain) from 25th to 28th August. EN ESPAÑOL

premio expohuelma

Javier Barona, field technician in Sierra Mágina pilot area, accepted the award from the town councillor Lola Urbano, on behalf of Fundación Gypaetus, as recognition of its work towards Sustainable Development in the province.
The awards went to different local companies and organisations specially engaged with rural development in the area by means of innovation, sustainable development and preservation of traditional crafts and indigenous species.
For the Gypaetus Foundation, who has always emphasized the active role of local population and rural culture preserving biodiversity, the award grants the hard work carried out in the area during the last year and enhances its presence working away side by side with local stakeholders towards the eradication of illegal poisoning.

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