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29/08/2011 :

Summer Open days: showing our pilot areas around!

LIFE+ “Innovation Against Poison” organizes the Summer Open Days in Spanish Pilot Areas, a great opportunity to learn about the surrounding wildlife, the effects of illegal poisoning and our role in protecting Environment. EN ESPAÑOL


Fundación Gypaetus organized the Summer Open Days in Valle de los Pedroches (Córdoba) and Valle del Genal (Málaga) the past 24th and 29th August respectively. The events consisted in informative talks followed by on-site practical workshops.
In Algatocín (Málaga) Jesús Carrasco, Field Technician in Ronda Range Pilot Area, counted with the presence of sixteen youngsters, who learnt about Biodiversity and the importance of the ecological pyramid, identification of some species and the reason why we are against the use of poisoned baits. The talk was followed by an outing to the field, where, armed with binoculars, guide books and telescopes, the participants had the chance to put into practice all what they had learnt.

Iván Parrillo and Belén Caño, Field and Office Technicians in Valle de los Pedroches, organised  the Summer Open Days in Dehesa Boyal (Villanueva del Duque, Córdoba). Around 40 teenagers from not only the pilot area but also from other parts of Spain assisted to the event. In this case, the Technicians prepared a surprising and appealing workshop after the talk: analysis of owl pellets and a night walk to listen to these amazing birds!
Thanks to the LIFE IAP Open Days, all participants had the chance to discover the area in a different way and to understand the effects of illegal poisoning.


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