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Helping hunters to improve habitat conditions of rabbits
Conditioning rabbit burrows by covering them with twigs and branches notably improves populations and habitat conditions and helps preventing predation. This action is being carried out as part of the activities proposed to the European Network of Hunters against poison -ENHAIP-.

Learning about birds of prey to prevent illegal use of poison
On February 26 Fundación Gypaetus participated in the activity of hiking and interpretation of the Path of the Vegueta del Fresno organized by Quivirocio. EN ESPAÑOL

One more poisoned wolf found in Kastoria
The  animal was found in the Greek pilot area of Antichasia-Meteora the past 24th January. ελληνικά

Learning about the danger of poison in Nature from an early age!
ARCTUROS, in the frame of the LIFE IAP project, visited and held presentations at the Primary and Secondary Schools of the Ampelia and Oxyneia Kalambaka (Continental Greece) the past 15th and 16th December 2011. ελληνικά

Fighting together with stockbreeders against illegal poisoning in Blachaba Kalabaka (Contienental Greece)
The meeting was held by ARCTUROS, in the frame of the LIFE IAP project, last Tuesday 13th December 2011, counting with the presence of the President of the Association of Cattle Farmers from Trikala, mr. Voutselas, and members of the D.S. ελληνικά

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