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Scavengers guided tour in Serranía de Ronda pilot area
Organised by Fundación Gypaetus and Municipality of Ronda, this activity represented a unique opportunity to watch and learn about scavengers. EN ESPAÑOL

European network of hunting areas against illegal poisoning in Moura-Mourao-Barrancos
Signature of the “European Network of Hunting Areas Against Illegal Poisoning” in Portugal, pilot area Moura-Mourao-Barrancos. Em português

First Workshop on Natural Environment in Córdoba
Javier Barona and Iván Parrillo, two of the LIFE IAP field technicians participated in the 1St Workshop on Natural Environment, hold in Córdoba the past 11th, 12th and 13th November and organized by the association Abanto and the association of Environmental Servants. EN ESPAÑOL

The Groups of Rural Development “Sierra de Ronda” and “Los Alcornocales”, pioneers against illegal use of poisoned baits
José Juan Díaz Trillo, Regional Minister of Environment, presided over the signature of the collaboration agreements between Fundación Gypaetus and the Groups of Rural Development. The initiative means an important step towards the setting-up of the European Network of Municipalities Against Poison. EN ESPAÑOL

Public presentation of the project LIFE IAP in Idanha-a-Nova

The public presentation of the project in Idanha-a-Nova took place the past 26 September at the Centro Cultural Raiano. EM PORTUGUÊS

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