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Workshop in Kalambaka on “Poisoned Baits: Impact on Biodiversity and techniques for treating poisoned fauna”
Kalambaka held last April 2 the session "Poisoned Baits: Impact on Biodiversity & techniques for treating poisoned fauna" directed to key stakeholders and public services. The workshop was organized by the project partner ARCTUROS in the frame of the Communication Actions. ελληνικά

Training day against illegal poisoning for hunters
The Life project “Innovation against Poison” holds on April, 5, 2013, a public workshop about “Management of populations of Wild rabbit and Red Partridge” in Spain.

The Life project “Innovation against Poison” participates in national and international conferences and workshops
As part of the awareness raising actions and communication campaign, the staff of the Life project collaborates with other projects, entities and initiatives in order to spread the important message against the illegal poisoning in the environment.

Life project "Innovation against Poison" at the workshop "How to apply for LIFE funding in Spain"
The project was presented on 04 March at a special event for potential beneficiaries of the 2013 LIFE call for proposals in Spain.

The project welcomes two intern students in the MOURA-MOURÃO-BARRANCOS pilot area
During the firsts moths of 2013 the LIFE “Innovation Against Poisons” project, welcomed two intern students from the Game Management Technician course, during its formation in wok context, in the pilot area of Moura-Mourão-Barrancos. Em Português

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