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Meeting of environmental Non Governmental Organizations and agencies with the Ombudsman to deal with the use of poisoned baits
Environmental Non Governmental Organizations and Management Bodies of Protected Areas created a National Working Group to deal against the use of poisoned baits in Greece. ελληνικά

The University of Crete-Natural History Museum of Crete organized two scientific workshops for stakeholders, with title: “Poisoned Baits: Effects on Biodiversity and Techniques for its Confrontation – First Aids and Welfare of Wildlife”.
These scientific workshops were held on Monday, 17th of December 2012, and Tuesday, 18th of December 2012, in the Exhibition Halls of Natural History Museum of Crete with a duration of 4 hours each. The workshops were addressed to environmental officers and public servants, specifically to foresters, game wardens, veterinarians, employees of municipalities (of the European Network ENMAIP), local authorities, etc. and were attended by 75 participants. ελληνικά

Life IAP project presentations to Elementary and High Schools of the pilot area of Crete (GR-2)
The University of Crete – Natural History Museum of Crete (NHMC), in the framework of the project LIFE+ “Innovations against Poison”, continues the divulgation activities to the elementary and high schools of Crete, especially to the schools of the Municipalities that are members of ENMAIP network of the pilot area GR-2. ελληνικά

Work meeting with the members of the European Network of Municipalities Against Illegal Poisoning in Crete
Last 21st of November, the University of Crete – NHMC organized a work meeting for the municipalities of the European Networks, in order to give technical advice and promote the fight against illegal poisoning. ελληνικά

Madrid holds a meeting of national experts in the fight against the illegal use of poisoned baits in the environment
The call for the meeting of the National Monitoring Committee was made by the Fundación Gypaetus in the frame of the Life project “Innovative actions against illegal poisoning in EU Mediterranean pilot areas”. The meeting was held in the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment dependences, and gathered national experts who will develop a monitoring of the Life project in order to improve its performance. En español.

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