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The municipality of Algodonales looks for solutions against the illegal poisoning in the urban areas.
The municipality of Algodonales, as a member of the European Network of Municipalities Against Poison, held a workshop with the support of the Government of Andalucía and the Fundación Gypaetus.

The Greek fight against illegal poisoned baits in Natura 2000 areas
Shocking results has given the visit of the European Canine Team from Andalusia to identify poison baits in Natura 2000 areas of  Antichasia Mountains – Meteora and Koziakas which was coordinated by ARCTUROS. ελληνικά

More than 200 European experts discussed about the illegal use of poisoned baits in the environment during the International Conference “Poison, Wildlife and Society”
Sergio Moreno, from the Environmental Department of the Regional Government of Andalusia, introduced the International conference organized by the Fundación Gypaetus, which took place in Córdoba (Spain) from 15 to 17 November.
Countries from all Europe and all Spanish Regions were represented in the conference, organized in the frame of the Life+ project “Innovative actions against illegal use of poison baits in EU Mediterranean pilot areas”. En Español.

Bioindicators species - tagging of 31 griffon vultures, in Moura-Mourão-Barrancos
It took place in December the first tagging phase of bioindicators species of poison use in Moura-Mourão-Barrancos area. Within the project LIFE Innovation Against Poison 31 griffon vultures were identified with wing tags, in the Herdade da Contenda, E.M., in the Moura’s municipality.

International scientific and technical congress on the illegal use of poisoned baits in the natural environment: Effects on biodiversity and society.
In the frame of the project LIFE09 NAT/ES/000533, the "Poison, Wildlife and Society" congress is one of the mains actions of its communication programme, organized by Fundación Gypaetus at Córdoba, Spain. Is the first one of the hole package of international meetings, that will be organized by each partner of this Life project in their own countries. En español

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